ALT TAB: 46/52

SNOW!! And lots of it. Snowy Friday night date. Snowy Saturday morning painting in my nook. Walking around the neighborhood in a moment of sunshine to enjoy all the new snow.  Beautiful drive home in a winter wonderland listening to Christmas music after dinner with friends. Snowy Sunday with RC1. 
Snow makes everything more magical.

Un-snow-related highlights:
Party planning for work this week.  It feels good to flex my creative design muscles again.

Stretching my real muscles in a yoga class this week and as usual coming away feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.  It's an interesting concept mixing mind, soul and body into a work out. 
Think of yourself as a seesaw the instructor said as we began the practice.  To be perfectly balanced you need to release those thoughts skittering around the peripheral that weigh you down.  Be aware of them, don't try to shut it all out completely, but pull in and focus on the importance of being nice to yourself and taking time to center yourself.
Mumbo jumbo? Who's to say. 

A more sure way of finding balance in my life?  Holding hands and laughing with my man.  I love loving him.

 Time in my nook with my brushes and paint.
I get ahead of myself constantly and ruin paintings faster than that one lady who took it upon herself to touch up that one painting in that church in Europe.
But like her, I have good intentions, and I'll keep trying.  Because it's fun.  And I like being creatively frustrated.
 Quite the pair you and I, with out constant capturing the things around us that catch our eye.
When we're together sometimes I want to be sneaky and capture something first without him noticing.  And sometimes I forget to be stealthy.  Like yesterday, I said, 'Oh! Cool leaves!' and instinctively reached for my phone but he beat me to it.  So I stood in his shot. {Unconsciously/maybe on purpose?}
The best part of all my little snippets of beauty are the way they all remind me of him.
{photos that seem impossible for me to take of myself brought to you by RC1}


  1. Love your boots!! And RC1 has nice hands:) Tony was once a hand model for the Houston Chronicle....maybe RC1 should think about that:)

  2. two artists living in harmony together. I love you two. And your cute boots to boot.

  3. You lead such an idyllic life full of wonder and enchantment.