ALT TAB: 44/52

I love birthdays! 
So what if it means getting older, it also comes with lots of excuses to play.  I left for Denver last Wednesday and had a great time celebrating in the Mile High city. 

We painted Jackie's living room {see the pretty gray stripes behind Lucy the dancing ballerina} before we took off for a girl's weekend in Boulder.  We had originally planned on lots of hiking and outdoor adventures, but the early snow made for beautiful landscapes and muddy hiking.  So instead we explored and went wherever whim took us.  We wandered into shops along Pearl Street and drove around the tree lined streets filled with pretty homes made especially pretty with the fall colors decked out in a thick layer of snow.  Then we hunted down just about every last consignment shop once we realized Boulder had a wealth of great second hand shops.  Saturday we checked out the farmer's market then headed for downtown Denver for more exploring.
Jax and her cute family - her husband Jeff, Lucy, Charlie and Henry
RC1 picked me up at the airport Sunday afternoon and took me back to his place for waffles.  We walked into his house and he had filled it with festive birthday balloons. 
On my birthday we went for massages, had Cafe Rio in the park as the sun set, then snuck in some contraband popcorn at the Broadway Theater and watched a movie. 

Tuesday night the celebrating continued with dinner with a few friends from the ward and dessert at Nicki's house.
Wednesday we made dinner and watched Nightmare Before Christmas and RC1 sang happy bday one more time with candles in my ice cream.  I've lot count how many times that handsome man has sung to me this week.  {Not even counting the video he sent of him as a cartoon cat singing to me that I've watched at least 5 times.}
My usual Thursday night dinner with the Awesome's became a party because my parents came into town.
And now today I'm going to lunch with my cousin Heather to celebrate her birthday.
The celebrating isn't over yet.  Still have dinner next week with my design friends.  I'll draw it out as long as possible.
Life should be celebrated.


  1. You certainly make the most of each of your moments. Enjoy every bit of it because you always deserve the best. Happy Birthday, again and again.

  2. Sounds like a great week!

  3. Looks like fun......WAIT, I was there!!!
    These pictures, I'm tellin ya! You are amazing!
    Yes. Happy happy happy birthday, to us!

  4. one as lovely as you should be celebrated as much as possible. love love loved seeing you. so much.

  5. You have such a beautiful family!

    BTW, I'm talking about you in tomorrow's post. You should stop by!