ALT TAB: 39/52

 This week started out leisurely enough, but somehow it picked up the momentum of a speeding train.  
With a deadline at work that made my days blend together, and a lot of other spinning plates both at work and home, I feel like the week zipped by and it has left me feeling a bit out of breath. I found that an old design school habit resurfaced in all the frenzy.  Back in the day I'd escape from endless hours in the computer lab and go brush my teeth.  Soon my friends caught on to my dirty clean little habit so when they'd see me grab my toothbrush they'd give me a hard time.  My coworkers are razzing me now too.  I might need to join a group. TBA {teeth brushers anonymous}

So, everything got checked off the to be done list but being busy doesn't necessarily mean I'm living a meaningful life does it?  I think busy is just something we do to ourselves and so much of it can be eliminated.  Looking back at my week, so much of the pressure I felt was self inflicted.  Worrying for worry sake.  Just because I enjoy getting a lot done shouldn't mean I need to feel like I'm running out of time if it doesn't happen.  I'm going to try to keep that perspective heading into another busy week.  I'll tell you how it goes next Friday.
Saturday afternoon tops out as the highlight of my week.  I went with Bry to Park City and hung out with his clients while he photographed their sons at that one pretty barn that everyone loves.  You know the one if you've ever been to Park City.
Afterward we headed for Main Street and walked around then looking for the perfect restaurant.  We found it, and sat out on the deck and enjoyed the most perfect First Day of Fall evening.  The restaurant provided blankets and had the outdoor heaters on, creating a cozy effect.  The sky was that pretty dusky blue, the food was yummy, and my date was handsome and funny.

"Just keep breathing." 
Sage emailed advice this week.


  1. Sounds like a classic Jenna week. Have a great weekend

  2. I need to read that paragraph about checking things off every day. It is so true and way too easy to forget.
    Your dinner sounded lovely!

  3. Your date sounds perfect. I have a toothbrushing problem too. Sometimes I think I will go crazy if I can't do it right that second.