ALT TAB: 40/52

 Highlight reel from the week:

Grandma Awesome going 10 - 0 in the luckiest streak of Five Crown I have ever witnessed.  And we're not talking close games here either.  We're talking full on getting schooled by my 93 year old grandma. But she calls it luck and reminds me that I'm dealing her the cards.  In the long string of things she has taught me, winning without a glimmer of gloating is one little pearl of wisdom. 
me: "Are you going to beat me again tonight?" 
her: "You can count on it."

After a long and lovely summer of riding my little green scooter to work, I've been walking to work this week instead.  I'm reacquainting myself with the neighborhood.

Even with my 'epic bike crash' {as a friend called it} I just about reached 100 miles on that bike of mine in August.  So I set out to get another 100 miles in September.  It came down to the last day before I eked out the last few and somehow managed to get a straight up 100.  Next year's goal - do 100 in one day.

Not to mention the sound of rustling leaves as I ride up the canyon.  Absolute heaven on earth.

Speaking of heaven on earth, an exceptional trip to the temple this week definitely should be mentioned on the highlight list.

I went to my first Contemporary Landscape Painting class on Saturday up Millcreek Canyon and have spent the week painting in my newly aquasitioned kitchen nook studio.  Once it housed the microwave, my bike, cat food, and the recycling bin.  Now it has been converted into a cozy little corner that smells like paint and creativity.  I like it in there.

That presidential debate this week.  Wow Governor, wow.  

Spending time at dusk in the salt flats with my man getting eaten alive by bugs all in the name of cool photography.  Oh, and I should mention he found out he received the National Photographer of the Year award this week too.

And that grey cat.  My goodness, she makes me feel so special just by following me around the house doing her squeaky thing, taking any and all opportunities to drape or wedge her fury little body next to mine.  True solidarity.
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus


  1. Congrats RC1 or Bry :) I love reading your posts Jennafriend and miss seeing your beautiful face!!

  2. These photos are ridiculously beautiful. Stay safe on your scooter!

  3. Love the colors of the succulents.

  4. I want to see your studio. And RC1? He is my idol.