ALT TAB: 22/52

Why go when you can stay?
And thus the stay-cation was born.  A first for me and let me tell you, it's as great as it sounds.

How do you know you're on a stay-cation vs. just being home on the weekend without plans or purpose?
Well, it may not be obvious to the naked eye so here are some clues:

If you take spontaneous rides to the beach at sunset -- you're only setting yourself up for more good things with a start like that.

If you whip up all kinds of yummy food in the fancy blender naming them things like Lawn Smoothies {much better than the less awesome Grasshopper Smoothies yours truly made with her maiden voyage in smoothie making.} -- You're definitely doing something right.

If you turn off your phone and sleep in late.  If you watch multiple episodes of your favorite show in bed and keep on napping long after you think you physically can -- you're doing that thing you do while on vacation that makes early rising the next week a painful mess.

If you wander about doing only the fun things like taking your pet tree Harry for a ride up that canyon and letting him wander about the yard like the nomad he is to soak in the sunshine -- you're not only enjoying your stay-cation, but including others, so bonus for you for being so nice.

If you take walks in the sunshine, venture out on new roads on a fast motorcycle, make homemade salsa, and waffles from scratch, take silly photos of each other, and laugh yourself breathless over funny stuff?  Yep, you've mastered the idea.

And the great thing is?  No packing needed, no joining the masses en route to/from various hot spots for the three day weekend, and you're home in a blink of an eye with as memories as you would have made had you gone somewhere.  So again, why go when you can stay?

Ways to make your stay-cation a success:
View your neighborhood/city like a tourist
Turn off your phone, don't check your email.  Pretend you're out of range.
Hope for some rainy weather to add to the greatness of being inside.
 If in doubt, ask yourself, 
"What would vacation me do?"


  1. Brilliant! Stay-cation....I'm all about that. And your mobile pet tree....is that the one you gave RC1?

  2. Never mind. On second check I can see that your pet tree Harry is a product of your wild imagination. Come to my house and I'll give a ton os pet trees Nd you can carry them anywhere you want to.

  3. Oh no, you were right the first time, Harry wanted to see Park City so we took him along. =P

  4. A pet tree... hilarious!
    And I hope the "good things" at the beach was a little naughty... :)