ALT TAB: 23/52

I'm on my way to Chicago today for Neocon.  Today is really my only free day though I hope to squeeze in as much fun as I can around all the meetings this weekend.  I have a loose idea of what I'll do with my freedom, lots of wandering around, possibly I'll even get off the train on the Randolph/Wabash stop to check out only the most famous subway stop in my opinion. 

Lots of While You Were Sleeping history went down there: 
Lucy met Peter there, "Nice coat, Merry Christmas to you, you're beautiful. Will you marry me? I love you."
 where she saved his life, 'Mister! There's a train coming and it'd fast.  It's an express.'
and it's where Jack proposed later on -- "Lucy.  I need to ask you a question."
Maybe while I'm there I can go get a hotdog with the 'usual' near the Wabash bridge too? Maybe.  

Last Friday RC1 and I were on our way to grab some fish tacos on our way to the park for a spur of the moment picnic when I told him I needed to rethink walking to work this summer.  I walked all winter long, snow, rain, wind - it didn't stop me.  But getting home at the end of the day a sweaty mess just won't do.  A scooter would solve the problem.  Being true to his RC1 ways he was three steps ahead of me.  He knew of just the right one sitting in a shed collecting dust with an owner ready to sell.  He pulled up an image of it online and I feel in love right there on South Temple at a red light.  He texted his friend and soon we were on our way to check it out.

As I zipped around the neighborhood I was already sold, so when the guy dropped the price and threw in a helmet?  Well, then.

So that's been the excitement for my week.  I have a scooter to ride to work on hot summer days {and take the cat for rides, if only she'd let me}and RC1 has a project that has him hunting the web for ways to make it even cooler than it already is.  And faster too.

Next week I'll let you know what I got up to in the windy city.  Maybe I'll take some advice from Joe Junior:

"And, um, you know, right now... you should get in touch with the child within, and, um, explore your feminine side..."
- Joe Junior


  1. a scooter! nice! yeah, I walked home all summer... but it wasn't uphill... not the prettiest!!!

    HAVE FUN IN CHICAGO! (if possible!)

  2. Enjoy Chicago. Can you go on one of those boat rides like in My Best Friend's Wedding. But then you would have to dance under the bridge.

  3. Gotta see you buzzing around town on your Italian-looking scooter....so Continental.

  4. Gotta see you buzzing around town on your Italian-looking scooter....so Continental.