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This week has been especially beautiful.
It started out with lots of that great spring rain that seemed to scrub away any lingering traces of winter grime left and made all the green things greener.  Then the week ended with a victory omelet last night.
{in my new apron from the super sweet RC1.  He knows how to make me smile.} 

Our team put the finishing details on the dress earlier this week that we've been working on for the last six months. Instead of feeling relieved that we were done and my Saturdays would be mine again, I was sad that we wouldn't have our fun project to work on anymore.  We had such a fantastic team.  Everyone really came together to create something magical.

This project was for the Fashion Remix where designers, fashion/design students and a product line are teamed up to create a dress out of the material provided by the product manufacturer.  We were teamed up with Forbo, and worked with the product Marmoleum.   A linoleum that is both beautiful and good for the earth. We started with the concept of Por do Sol - {or sunset} and ran with the idea.

Our dress was created with over 2000 pieces of hand broken pieces of flooring along with shattered glass glued onto jute.  {Who knew burlap could be so beautiful?}  The only thing that wasn't true to our product on the dress was the zipper.  We thought we had it in the bag for the award for best use of material.

Instead, we were thrilled with an Honorable Mention from the panel of judges.
And then completely blown away when we received a second award for People's Choice by a landside!!!  A huge honor knowing that we were their favorite.  And to receive two awards?  We were beside ourselves with excitement.

What a week.  Hip hip for a fantastic team and a smokin' hot model.
Our team: Monica, Jenna, Jess, me and Jess. Not shown: Julie, our wonderful Forbo rep who didn't want to come up on stage.

Oh, and those in between unrelated photos:
Just that silly cat going nuts over her invisible demons.  Tried as I did, I wasn't fast enough to capture the back flips used in her technique to catch whatever it is she thinks she's chasing.
And a happy little corner in my room entirely made up of gifted items.  When I realized that everything from the shelf down to the matches were given to me by someone I care for I just had to take a photo of it because it made me feel so loved.

The MC at the show asked, "Monica, you're wearing linoleum and jute correct?"
"Well actually, I'm wearing the sunset."
As if she didn't already have us all mesmerized with her smoldering moves on the runway, she goes and gives a perfect Miss America answer on the spot.

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  1. What a fun and unique project. No wonder you miss it when it was completed. Next try a windy day in the tundra. If anyone could do that it would be you. Congratulations.