ALT TAB: 17/52

 I love words.  I've thought a lot about them this week.  The power behind them, the ability to heal sharing them, get lost in another world, acquire a job...etc, etc,.  Lots of introspective stuff I won't spout off about right now.  

I have a wonderful new source of words in the form of poetry.  You could have them too if you're in to that kind of thing.  Not only are the poems great, the layout is so pretty too.  My penpal {a penpal!}is the word guru behind all this greatness.

Who is that orange beast rubbing all over my toes in the sunshine?  I don't have any idea.  Just an orange stranger.  He came by Saturday afternoon while I was out on the porch painting and thought my foot made an excellent scratching post.  Not scratching me, me scratching him.  Vesper stood by with a look of contempt all over her face like, 'How dare you.'

There is a street in Bountiful that I enjoy very much.  Even as a kid I remember this street specifically as one to look forward to.  It isn't even out of the way.  It's one of my sneaky little routes through town to avoid stop lights and ugly strip malls {yes, I choose roads depending on what I might pass along the way}and it is very pretty with those much coveted trees that touch in the middle.  It was overwhelmingly green yesterday afternoon with the sun shining though making the leaves glow.

The summit of Emigration Canyon.  I started out with the intent to just ride to the church to help clean.  Then I thought I'd go wander through the pretty Yale/Harvard neighborhoods and when that wasn't enough, I followed posters to a gigantic estate sale to see what was up {two terra cotta pots and sheets from Pottery Barn for six bucks that's what was up}.  Now just west of the Zoo and happy about my finds I thought I'd go to Ruby's just up the canyon for breakfast.  But when I got there I wasn't ready to get off my bike just yet.  So up and up I went and before too long I was at the summit.  I haven't mentioned my love for my bike yet today.  I love you bike.

I'm off to St. George for the weekend to look for houses for my brother {YEA!!}and hopefully get in a few bike rides too.


  1. Wait, wait, WAIT! Ben is moving to St. George? That is HUGE!

  2. You have such gorgeous legs...thanks to your bike. Smart girl. Have a fun trip south.

  3. Wow, yeah. is Ben moving here? Do tell

  4. I'm coming to bountiful on the 8th of May for 3 weeks...can we PLEASE get together and catch up???