ALT TAB: 13/52

I wish my first impulse wasn't to talk about the weather here.  I've been converting the old blog sushicat into a book recently and I can't believe how much gibberish I've shared over the years on one blog or another.  If this is going to be my legacy I leave behind I really don't want it to be my thoughts on the weather {no matter how much I'm loving the blossoms and rainy days} I just can't leave that as my stamp on life.

So what else is there?  I could talk about how much I love my warm house, my friends, my family, my furry little creature...

I guess it really is about the simple things.  The moments that catch me off guard and I laugh out of real delight over something.  Like the way Grandma can brighten my day playing cards or the comfortable feeling of being right where I'm supposed to be.

Life is good.

About the photos:

We're not talking about the weather or the beautiful blossoms remember?  So, no comment.

That cool brassy thing on my back door has this subtle green patina on it that catches my eye every time I go in or out.

My dear friend Suzanne and her husband have chickens with perfect chicken names like Gertrude and Matilda.  These were a little gift from the ladies.  I hard boiled them and have had them for lunch all week long.

The trees on my walk to work yesterday morning.  
I tripped a little on the sidewalk because I've been looking directly up all week as I've walked under them taking in the new pink/wet bark grey and brown/sky blue combo.

Hyacynths - by far the yummiest smelling spring flower in my humble opinion.  I have some in a vase on my bedside table right now and it is a treat to wake up to that smell.

This is leaving the safety of talking about the weather and delving right into my comfort zone showing you a glimpse into my life like this.  The furball and I have a nice morning routine going.  Wake up, get in a good full body scratch, then she goes back to sleep while I get ready for the day.  At some point she gets up and starts pressuring me to go upstairs with her relentless meowing as she paces the hall.

Almonds and apricots - snack of choice this week.

So many caption possibilities here I can't pick one.
  {Maybe because I know what she'd say?}
Something catty though for sure.


  1. Well, I'll comment on the weather.....looks like Springtime in the Rockies for sure. Enjoy everything God gives you, including the patina. You have quite the eye.

  2. I think weather changes are exciting, and I like that you too like the weather and talk about it. So don't stop talking about the weather. :)

  3. Love the hardware on your door it would catch my eye also!