ALT TAB: 12/52

 Is it spring where you are?  It is here {!!!} and I'm so ready for the weekend to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

We started the weekend a little early and stayed at a cabin in Park City last night with some friends.
I enjoy my usual walk to work but if I were to commute, Parley's Canyon this morning was breathtaking.

The weekly roundup:

The Canyons
{I have got to get up there and use my free pass.  The winter has been so mild I've biked every Saturday instead!}

A pretty meadow between here and there.

Lucky eleven

The summit

The newest plant at my house.

Breakfast this morning on the porch.  Even the weeds are pretty in the spring.

My handmade butterfly mobile that hangs above my bed.
It flutters just a bit making soft noises like pages turning in a book.  Or snow sizzling on the pavement.  Or critters in the walls.  Take your pick, I've mistaken it for all of the above.

Sweet kitty Vesper Lynn.  She says,
"OK lady, enough with the photos of me sleeping already." 

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  1. I am always amazed how you can take photos of the little corners of your life and turn them into high adventure. Some would call that MAGIC.