ALT TAB: 1/52

 I eluded to a new project for 2012 and I'm still playing with how I want to do it, but here is the general idea.

I'll post once a week with a recap of things that make me happy.
Categories might be {but not limited to}:
stuff I'm grateful for
random things that catch my attention
things that make me laugh
something I've learned
a quote for the week
colors I love
and some I spy stuff and other silly games

I'm calling it ALT TAB

So really, the same basic stuff I write about now, but in one succinct post.  This came to be from an idea I had last year to do 365 days of gratitude, but now it will include a few other things to hopefully weave a vibrant story for my year. I will still post design projects as separate posts whenever I have things to share.

left to right, top to bottom

lots of elevens on the last day of my year 2011.
{purchased - cafe rio salad, yum! thnx rc1}

Over the holiday break I decided to try every squash available at my grocery store.  I've had spaghetti, butternut, acorn, and carnival so far on my little tour.  Any suggestions?  Hubbard is still my all time favorite, but they don't have it right now.

The Cat woke up from a nap to oversee the placement of a new fuzzy blanket that was given to me as a Christmas gift.  She walked over, sniffed it, tried to push it off the love seat {that is slated for a reupholster job this year}and when she couldn't get it out of her space she started pouncing and biting.  I take that as strong disapproval.  Maybe not to her aesthetic or maybe just one jealous kitty?

a pretty tree on my walk home from work

This is embarrassing, I shouldn't even publicize this info, but give credit where credit is due and all that.  Grandma Awesome would call it luck, but when she has beat me 9 out of the last 10 games of golf, I can hardly call it luck.  And as if winning wasn't enough, check out that last score.  -7!  I've never in the history of the game seen someone stay in the negative the entire game.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
paraphrased from a sign I saw standing in line at Barnes & Noble last night.


  1. I just realized that if I'd given the lady 2 bucks more, she may have looked at me funny, but then at least the change would have said $11 as well. That'd been awesome!

  2. Grandma Awesome is just that - AWESOME. Don't mess with her when it comes to games.

  3. Hubbard is my fav squash, also, but hard to find here on the east coast. Don't know why.

    -7 huh? You need to buy a shirt that says "My Grandma's Awesome" and then where it to her house always. It won't help you beat her but she will feel a little bit better about whipping you. ;)

  4. That's a good list. I want Cafe Rio.

  5. Best score for nine-hole golf we have ever seen!!! Way to go Grandma Awesome, we want to challenge her to a game so we can see it happen first hand. Vesper is a riot and your year was made complete with 11's topping it off. love, pbpb

  6. Love the idea for the posts--clever name--and I enjoyed everyone of your items in the recap. I think gma awesome has a granddaughter awesome!!