extrodinary expansion

 Please ignore the lopsidedness of this photo.  I visited a client last week to see the end result of enduring months of a renovation that grew in size {as most will do}and was in such awe of the transformation I didn't much care how the images were turning out as much as I cared about taking it all in.

The custom Lee sofa was my small contribution to this project.  We spent a fun afternoon selecting the frame and fabric back when the new sitting area was still her cramped kitchen/dining area.  Then I got updates on the project as the sofa selections were submitted, ordered and delivered.  Sometimes she'd stop in just to get away from the dust and stress of it all and we'd talk through her latest decisions.  So when it was complete she invited me over to see how it all turned out.
 She has a fantastic taste in artwork and has many wonderful pieces throughout her house.  Many originals with great stories of how she acquired them.   She built her mantle with a friend years ago, then refinished it with a little glaze to update it.
The Pantry. {Oh, the pantry!} Separated by a swinging door from the rest of the kitchen, this room is utility meets fantastic.  Love the metal counter tops and shelves.
She thought of everything when it came to designing her kitchen. 
She had Robert McArthur do the floor plan.  The rest is the result of an artistic person combing magazines with a plan evolving from carefully considering the things that mattered most to her.  She talked lovingly of how she chose the subway tile for the wonderful subtle color and the things she learned along the way about kitchen design.  The smell of curry bubbling away on the stove only added to the appeal of this room.
Loved her drawers with pegs to hold her plates.
And the 12" deep cupboards running the length of her island for extra storage.
Her home office with the old pup snoozing away.
It can be seen through the window to the left of the mantle so having that glimpse of the black and white tile looks great with the tile on the fireplace.
I've witnessed the transformation a renovation has on a woman in her kitchen a few times before and it always makes me smile.  Each time it's like the room is a unique and perfectly suited extension of the woman herself.


  1. I totally understand what you mean about the kitchen being an extension of the woman. It's so true!

  2. I love that place! And I love the inclusion of the cute toes in the drawer photos.