{photo from my garden this morning.  Those juicy grapes were a tasty pre breakfast treat.}

If you're a regular visitor to my corner of the blogosphere you've probably noticed a decline in posts.
{Maybe I'm the only one who has noticed?} 
I think about writing, but my interest has wandered and while I know it's my space to do with what I may I don't want to stray from design related topics.  Though when it comes down to it I don't have much to say at the moment.  I'm not bored with design, far from it.  I've never been happier with my work and I'm still reading a few of my favorite design blogs, but my blog hopping has taken a different direction lately as my focus has changed.  

I don't think I'm ready to give up on writing completely,  I love the community and comradery, but for now I'm taking the pressure off myself to write regularly in hopes that I'll feel more inspired by doing so.  
Until then, I'll enjoy my hopping around new sites {to me} like this, and over here, and a smattering of my favorites.
 I've enjoyed the nostalgia this week as I'm reminded of how I spent Chuseok {Korean Thanksgiving} last year with my family in Daegu and surrounding areas.
 I went back and read about climbing mountains, wandering the markets and open roads on my brother's hog cruiser, and playing on the beach.  It was almost like being there, minus the hugs and teasing.
Please keep checking in to see where this change takes design sparrow.  I hope for a post a week for now while I figure things out.
I'd love your help.  What brings you to design sparrow?


  1. What brings me to Design Sparrow? You.

  2. You, You, You!! We love your perspective on life and living!!

  3. I love to read your posts Jenna, because it's like I'm listening to you talk. You write how you talk, and it's fun to stay up to date on what's going on with you. :) I like reading whatever you write about... whether it's design related or a travel post. Love Love Love it! :) Miss you girl! Dinner sometime soon?