there was the tiniest

bit of fall in the air this morning {it might have had more to do with a fall-ish smell?}but it added to my already growing excitement for sweater weather.  Don't read me wrong, I'm not at all in a hurry for summer to end but I do love it when the next season is close enough to anticipate. 
Browsing around {and paying attention to the color forecast earlier this year} I've been noticing a lot of warm leathers and great color combinations that have my imagination flying through the possibilities.  
On my short list: a really great tailored blazer and a rain coat style coat in a light neutral to pair with bright scarves.

Read Jenna's picks here on J.Crew's site. {yes, I do love that we share the same name.}

In parting, an all time favorite movie quote about the way fall makes me happy, 
"If I knew your address, I'd send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils."


  1. I always love to see what J Crew is up to...and I guess all Jennas are just fabulous, no? (c; I'm SO jealous that you even have a hint of fall...ours here in AZ is no where in sight! DANG IT! Fall is my favorite (c:

  2. Aww, You've Got Mail. Now I have to go watch it.

  3. my two favorite actors in my favorite movie of all time. "thank yur, ladies and gentlemen." (: