a short cut

 that I enjoy to and from my friend's apartment on So Temple. It cuts the block in half and is much more fun than the regular old sidewalk.  I discovered it not too long ago, but have had plenty of chances to use it since.  We even caught the tail end of the baseball game fireworks from this vantage point the other night framed in between the two buildings.  The sound bounced around the buildings making the experience pretty cool.
I'm fighting the urge to apologize for not blogging {a blogging faux pas}so I'll say instead that I'm so enjoying summer so much I haven't been thinking about stuff to share.

The chorus of the song I think about on such occasions:

Didn't have a camera by my side this time
Hoping I would see the world with both my eyes
Maybe I will tell you all about it
When I'm in the mood
To lose my way
With words

-John Mayer
A photo from my phone when I probably should have had both hands on my handlebars coming down City Creek Canyon last weekend.


  1. haha, i'm glad you didn't fall taking that photo {i Totally would have!}. :) hooray for having such a great, full real life this summer!

  2. You wild and craaaazy girl!