Don't you just love the smell of summer rain?
the only way I think it can smell any fresher is to add a little sage brush to the mix.

Do you have a favorite summer smell?


  1. I recognize those fabulous, zippered toe, shoes. I love the smell of thunderstorms in the air....charged ozone and all. I also love the smell of my stargazer lilies in the July sun.

  2. Is it weird that I want countertops based on the top two photos? If only we could create scratch and sniff concrete... Thanks for the great inspiration! Chic Rooms

  3. I totally do love the smell of rain. I just love the smell of spring/summer - even odder smells like burned BBQ and freshly cut lawn.

  4. Nothing says summer to me like the smells of coconut sunblock, funnel cakes and hot asphalt.