more parade home images

can now be seen on Bry's blog where he gives a few glimpses into our parade home as well as showcases the artwork he created to hang in the home.  It was a fun process to sit in each room with him and go through his images and pick the perfect one specifically for each space. His photography captures the imagination and helps create the emotion I believe makes an interior space successful.
As always, a real pleasure working with Bry on a creative project. If you ever need a photographer, I know just the guy.
{above images borrowed from his site.}


  1. I just looked at Bry's site and discovered that his photographs which i thought were east coast were actually Oregon. As I peruse your site and his I am reminded that exactly one week ago tonight I was wandering through the show home with the designer herself. That was a very special evening. I am proud of you.

  2. it was for me too, Vicky. =)

  3. I would like to climb in that home and live there as well as climb in Bry's photograph and smell the air and feel the waves on my toes.