a few parade home photos

In the early stages of designing this home I imagined using a wonderful painting by Tony Cox as the focal point..  I had seen it at a few of his shows over the years and it has always been a favorite of mine so as I thought about the color story of the home I thought it should be reflective and fresh, like water and nature.  Perfectly captured in his painting. I continued making selections for the room, ordering furniture and the rug, all the while still imagining pulling everything together with his painting, but never working up the courage to actually ask until weeks into the project. I'm so glad he agreed, and as he and his dad hung it I sat across the room with goose bumps seeing it all together for the first time.
The parade started on Friday the 24th {happy birthday to my dear brother} and we've had a great turn out and wonderful comments from the guests walking through the home.
It has been a really fun project to work on and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.

Now if the house could sell, along with everything in it!
Last Thursday, the day before the parade started, we had the home photographed by the very talented Bry Cox and he also installed his photography into the home putting the finishing touch on each room.  Many of the compliments to the home have been people's enthusiastic interest in the beautiful large scale photography.
{The images in the post unfortunately are not his.  They are mine, and not at all close in comparison to his quality. Sorry folks.  I'll direct you to his site when/if he posts them.}

Later that evening I took my Grandma and Aunt Vicky through the home for the first official tour I'd given of my very first parade home {kinda a milestone in my wee little career don't you think?}.  We went outside after and enjoyed the sunset reflecting off of the giant clouds rolling through the valley while the fighter jets did their maneuvers.


  1. It is most serendipitous that you know two very talented cousin artists who are almost as artistic as you are. Was hoping to see a photo of Bry's Chinese temple and a photo of the awesome Hooker dining room set again.

    If I had the money I would but all the furnishings in a heartbeat. I hear that you have been selling off the furniture already. Good job.

  2. Gorgeous, and more gorgeous! I love every bit of the spaces. Job so very well done and your photos are so good. Photos are my hardest dilemma.

  3. aw you must be so proud seeing everything finished like this. and good for you and your courage! :) woo-hoo!