Custom Order 40% Sale

As part of our Parade of Homes Sale {50% off one accessory when you visit our parade home in Layton #18} we are doing a 40 off sale on everything in the store, including special orders.  If it were me, today I'd like one of the tables above, with the white base instead of the black and white Windsor inspired chairs, also seen in black here. 
 And then maybe some comfy chairs in a fresh Kate Spade-ish green and a pretty grey sofa from Lee, along with a few accessories from Uttermost...

A hefty wish list for one Saturday morning isn't it?


  1. I would want the table and chairs exactly as you had them in the Open House....no white base for me. The model home you designed and decorated was perfection and I can't stop thinking about how beautiful it was. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Your home in the parade is AMAZING!!! Absolutely Amazing!!! Great work! I'll bet you sell tons of stuff from it! Plus it was fun helping too, so thanks for that too!