Travel Treasures: Autumn from Design Dump

I met my next guest blogger, the lovely Autumn, at Alice Lane at the blogging event last December and I've had the pleasure of getting to know her more through Design Dump as well as being a source for some pretty chairs and case goods for a few of her clients.  She has an ultra classy style and with loads of experience, she has taught me so much already.


One of things that my husband and I enjoy doing when we travel is checking out 
the local shops and boutiques. Almost by accident, a collection of necklaces
gathered on some of our travels was born.
The first necklace in my "travel collection" was purchased in Mexico on an anniversary trip.
Since then, several others have been added. We don't always buy a necklace on every trip we take.
It is more of an organic experience when we "find" a new piece to add to the collection. 
I have quite a few necklaces hanging on some hooks in my bathroom, but these 5 will always be among my favorites. 
When I look at or wear one of them,  I am immediately whisked away to that little boutique or small shop where we found and bought each one. I love the ones that I have, and I look forward to the
necklaces and memories that will surely be collected in the years to come.

Thank you Autumn
PS - a little bonus, go here to read about one of her fun trips.


  1. oh i love this idea! small and easy to pack, functional and beautiful - sort of the perfect way to keep a little piece of all those memories.

  2. it has been such a pleasure to get to know you better jenna! i look forward to many more years of design banter.