the reluctant runner

I am your ultimate reluctant runner.  I've had plenty of excuses why I didn't want to become one in the first place: the time commitment, my busted up knees from too much skiing, pure laziness and my love of sleep, to name a few of my best.

I was surprised when I ran my first 10 k a few weekends ago and actually really enjoyed myself. The picture on the left is from that day.  I had paper cutouts of Mia and Jess with me because I was supposed to be in St. George running a race with them.  I had work conflicts and ran at home instead.  {they had a paper cut out of me with them on their race too}

I was even more surprised when I ran 10 miles on Saturday.  Refreshing scattered raindrops most of the run turned into a pelting, freezing cold down pour rain the last mile and when I got home I realized I was locked out and soaked to the bone.  Long story short, Mia and RC1 came to the rescue and it turned out to be just another fun adventure to add to the many others. {sincerest thnx dear friends}

Next up?  I'm still reluctant to say, but why not shoot for the moon?  There is a marathon the morning our float makes its big debut in SLC at the Pioneer Parade.  That might just be the end goal.


  1. wow, good for you!! i like running, but i've never run very far. i've always had a million excuses and i usually get to mile 3 and say "well, that was fun... i think i'll go sit on the couch and stuff my face now." so i truly admire you for going for it, both with the runs you've already done and for possibly running a marathon. that's amazing!!

  2. You are such a cutie, I love you. And, oh by the way, I want your long, lean legs.

  3. I seriously can't stand people like you...."I hate running but ran 10 miles". Sheesh. no fair. I can't even run to my mailbox. :)

  4. How DARE you forget!
    You have so so SO run a 10K before!!! Last July, with ME, just moments after stepping off the USN comfort! I have gorgeous pictures to prove it!
    You crazy goose! !!!!!

  5. What?! I thought that was a 5K?! Cool. OK,now I've run TWO 10k's. HA! Sa-weeet! So glad you have a better memory than I do Jax.

  6. I love the paper cutouts, and it was fun helping too. I'm really happy I made it in your blog! :-) And great job with all the running. I can't believe that you're doing all that!