Market Monday: Cactus and Tropicals

Last week I was at Cactus and Tropicals to be a judge for a student portfolio review for IIDA.  It was fun to see the creative work of the graduating class and chat with design friends. 
The surprise bonus of the day was finding out that Cactus and Tropical is more than your average garden center.
I was impressed by the great selection of plants and everything you need to be the best little gardener ever, but the part that had my heart beating a little faster was when I came around a corner and found stacks and stacks of containers.
Since I'm still a wandering nomad I like the idea of being able to pack up my garden when I move so container gardening is the solution for me.  I have started a collection of terra cotta pots that have moved with me over the years with a wide array of different growing things from blossoming flowers to edible herbs.

Containers in every color, shape and size, I would be happy to branch out from my terra cotta with some of these colorful options.

Now if I could just keep plants alive...

Next time your in the neighborhood, go check them out.  I think you'll love it too.


  1. Yea for succulents and glazed pottery. But I think that plants are healthier in breathable terra cotta. That shop would be awesome to tour.

  2. seriously, that's MY kind of garden center. coming from san diego where the desert meets the water, you see a lot of succulents and i miss it terribly! and don't worry, i can't keep mine alive up here either. haha.

  3. i'm totally with you - if only i could keep plants alive! :) we have a tiny plot of dirt in our courtyard which has a couple sad looking succulents. i want to uproot them and pot them each in their own pretty pot. i have no idea what to do with our dirt, but i'm thinking a simple patch of grass would be nice. ooo, then i'd have my own mini park for picnics!

    anyway, i would love some of those blue pots for our succulents. they'd look so pretty in our courtyard!

  4. Yes, love love LOVE C&T! I've been there, and the most spectacular was for a wedding reception! It was like the garden of eden. What a feast for the eyes that place.

  5. Each time I visit Cactus and Tropicals, I am taken back to the place of my birth, Honolulu, Hawaii. Of the many gardens shoppes I have shopped at, Cactus and Tropicals is by far, the most well stocked and elegant of all. Friendly and helpful sales people are creative and meet the needs to all of my many questions. From the cool succulents, to the giant cacti, bonsai and an abundance of pots, I am always amazed as well with their gift shoppe, which reminds me a lot of my own shoppe, Exotica Imports. The sounds, scents and views of this garden shoppe is truly amazing and I am always rejuvenated each time I visit this haven of exotics.