fresh from the garden

I've been out in the yard doing some spring cleaning, getting excited about the plants coming up, and planning the other ones I'd like to try this year.  I live in a home with a great yard that was loved for decades by a woman who obviously had a green thumb.

She left behind 8 planters that I have big plans for.  I've moved them to the front steps where they'll get a lot of southern exposure so I can grow lettuce, herbs and whatever else strikes my fancy.
{Just not tomatoes, they were terrible last year.}

I read somewhere that bringing your veggie garden out front elivates your garden a notch or two because it goes from just another pretty flower to a conversation starter with your neighbors.  I like my neighbors and know I'll learn a lot from these seasoned gardners, especially if I bring my attempt at gardening out where they can critique it!

Plus, multitasking pretty and yummy?  I'm on board for sure.

I think I'll also relocate some of that wild ground cover that I love from the trails to my yard... {picture below}


  1. Someday you will have your own home and yard and the whole will be splendorous.

  2. I'm just the worst gardener ever. I always have big plans, but they never pan out.