"how candice olsen of you"

The other day I was hanging with my friend, Jen, at her parents house.  She lives in Texas and is here visiting for a bit and we've been taking full advantage of our close proximity to catch up. She asked me for my take on how to include a fireplace in her parents master bedroom. 

I played around with a couple of ideas and thought to put it in the corner so that it would be one of the first things you see as you walk into the room.  A fire place would already become the most dominant thing in the space just be being there, so why not have it in a welcoming position so that it will set the whole tone for the room.  Not to mention placing it in the corner will be a pretty way to save space so that they could then create a comfortable seating area around it.

When we showed her mom our plans she said, "How Candice Olsen of you."  Well, that is a high compliment in my book.  The designing ended there, and we went back to playing 5 Crown. {Only the most fun card game I know how to play.}

I've thought about the color scheme I'd run with if I were going along with that Candice vibe.  Pretty, shimmery tile around the fire to catch light and add some sparkle to the room.  A rug with a low key, but interesting color pallet that would be versatile with other neutrals and some smaller patterns introduced in the furniture.

I also like the idea of a gallery style wall for family portraits and included a couple mirrored options for the frames. 


  1. On my list of the greatest interior designers EVER(!) Candice Olsen falls right after you Jenna Marie!!! All do homage to the awesome corner fireplace which will probably be electric, clean, warm, and effective.

  2. Have you checked olioboard yet? You might just love it, if you don't already know. Have fun.

  3. What a lovely compliment. Candice Olson does beautiful work. Your mood board is beautiful, I love all of your pretty neutrals with a hint of shimmer in the tile.