flashback: Spring in October 2007

I could be in Africa right now.  

That thought has crossed my mind a few times this past week.  True, with the right resources, a full day committed to sitting in a cramped airplane, and any of us could be in Africa right now if we wanted to be.  But the fact that a trip was all but booked has Africa on my mind lately and the heavier dose of wanderlust that comes with it has me a little preoccupied.

In preparation for the trip I pulled together a bunch of my favorite images from the last visit in 2007 when the Jacaranda trees were in full glorious lavender bloom for Spring in October.
{that just sounds confused doesn't it?}
{Those suspicious bumps in the water where the river bends by the sandbar are what you think they are.}
I'm posting this entry now with hopes that putting out good Africa bound vibes will help line things up and the trip will still happen in the near future.  Here's hoping...


  1. oh africa! i would absolutely love to go there. one of my dear friends {who played guitar at our wedding} grew up in ...oh no! i forgot where exactly, but somewhere in africa {i think sierra leon or liberia}. i love his stories of his life there. plus, while he lived there he learned the african version of french. swoon!

    i hope you get to go back soon!

  2. My favorite image is YOU! But I like the rest too. Are you planning a trip to visit this mission?

  3. Then again, you could always put your papers in for a mission there and off you would go with no problem at all. You would be there in time for the jacaranda trees to bloom.

  4. Beautiful images, I hope you get to go back soon.

  5. Still waiting for that JMR World Tour Photo Book for my coffee table.