my dining room

I've been day dreaming my way through my home in the Salt Lake Avenues since I first moved in a couple months ago and I've shown you my thoughts on the outside, my entry way and then the living room.  My latest project has been my dining room.  It is a giant room between the front living room and the kitchen and the whole East wall is windows so it is delightful in the morning.
As I hone my personal style I have found that I'm torn between classic neutral pallets, high gloss white and bright patterns.   Heavy dose of earthy bohemiene eclectic, but also refined and a healthy dose of old school charm.  Something about the conflict between all the parts intrigue me.  Something to do with the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. 

The best way I see it working is using the gray neutrals I love as the base of my color scheme then building on it with the colors that I enjoy so that as my moods change I can mix out the colors easily and create different looks with the key items in the room.

I would spice it up with a window seat with heaps of color and patterns {shown above} that would come in very useful when I have guests over.  I had a breakfast recently with some friends and had about 15 women in my home and while we had plenty of seating, I did wish for a second that my window seat was reality instead of just something I wish for.

I like the idea of a dinning table with a reclaimed wood style so that when I add my own scratches and dings it won't be so painful.  The chairs are something I am undecided on because there are so many to choose from, but today I'm in leaning more towards the natural texture part of my style aesthetics so I choose these chairs for their great pattern and would upholster them in something hardy and neutral so I could play them up with the other colors in the room. {the fabrics shown here are crypton options from fabricut re: indestructible.}
The above images are from my existing room.  Table/rug/vase pictured are my housemates' goods.  {My pretty table is being stored.}  The curtains are old and a bit dated, but a huge improvement compared to the heavy drapery that were hiding them until I moved in.


  1. i love grey as the base color with splashes of other colors. that's what we're doing in our home. i also love reclaimed dining tables. our friends have a gorgeous table made out of an old barn. it's really amazing!

  2. i love the floral fabric --- great inspiration!

  3. My absolute favorite is the combination of driftwood grays and browns. The closeup of your cutwork lace curtain makes me jealous. Just think of the patina those curtains would give any window...!

  4. Man, I'm such a fan of your taste! We're currently looking to buy a house and a bungalow is just what I want. I looked through some of your older posts and totally love the porches you use for the exterior. I mean, I've even told my husband that I've been dreaming of a bungalow and we can paint it dark blue/slate and have a pretty colored wooden front door. I bookmarked your images for inspiration!! Best of luck to you with finishing the house!