bright spot

On a walk earlier this week this house caught my eye because of the giant lemon tree sitting just inside that big window. {the glare makes it hard to see} It was a bright spot on a gray day and so I snapped a picture and thought it would be the 'best house on the block' today for staying bright and cheery.  

"Hope you have a moment to walk around and see the new beginnings of
Spring.  My parsley, chives and rosemary are bursting forth.  Spring
is right around the corner.  I love those mornings when the sun is
shinning.  May we all have morning hearts, strong and ready to go forth." 
{a bit of wisdom found in an email from a friend}

Happy weekend friends.


  1. What encouraging and wise words from your lovely friend.

    And a lemon tree!!! Holy. I need one of those. I love lemons.

    Have a GREAT weekend.

  2. I see my daffodils poking through the frozen ground and I'm longing for Spring!

  3. how beautiful! a tree filled with lemons is a gorgeous sight. our neighbor's bushes are also bursting with bright purple & fuschia flowers. it's so cheery!

    i hope you have a fantastic weekend, my dear!

  4. I bet her house smells wonderful with that lemon tree.

  5. no kidding, I thought the same thing, the smell must be heavenly =)

  6. I just found your blog and took a look around and I love it. I'm going to enjoy following you. Have a great weekend.