my living room

Continuing inside from my last 7th Ave post where I played with exterior details and landscaping, the living room is the next space I've been dreaming about.  One of the best rooms in my house with the same heaps of potential that can be found all over the place in this little house. With a view that stops my friends in their tracks and great sunshine almost all day, I love spending time in here.

The East wall with the fireplace and stain glass windows flanking either side is pretty even as it is now.  The colors of the glass aren't my favorite and staying true to every bit of the history of a home can be a hindrance, but in this case, it could definitely a good decision.

Same thing goes for the stone around the fireplace.  I'd never pick it given the chance, but even I were given the chance I would probably opt to spend the money on furniture and other more more needed changes.  Plus, I like wacky things about old homes.  If I wanted to erase all of them, I should just move into a new place right?  So right.
A few of those changes would include new knobs for the door leading into the space from the entry.  Something with a bit a sparkle.  I'd leave the pretty high gloss beams, but nix the ceiling tile as one of the first must do projects.  Next up would be a fresh coat of paint and while a warm gray {or grayish green or blue} would probably be my first choice, today I'm in the mood for something bright and sassy and the 2011 color of the year, Honeysuckle sounds like a very fun option.  Or maybe a coral... Paint is a noncommittal thing for me.  I don't mind painting, so I go bold without hesitation knowing I can change it easily.
Next up, I'd ditch the carpet for the existing wood floors beneath {I peaked, they are indeed there in all their glory. Pretty wood too. What a shame to cover it up.} Add a rug like the one below, or the bright Amy Butler at the top of this post for some more color and I'd be well on my way to living room bliss.
Infuse the space with lots of lamp light, a smattering of the natural textures that I love mixed with some fun patterns and a healthy dose of original art and photography and I'd say I was well on my way to having a dream living room.  I don't consider any room in my personal space ever completely finished and don't ever plan out every last detail.  I rather get it going in the right direction then live with it as the other parts come together over time.
Next up: the adjacent dining room


  1. Fabulous glass door with sidelights. You're spot on with the idea of a crystal doorknob. I remember crytal doorknobs throughout my grandpa's house. They were quite special. And the wood floors should definitely be exposed and polished, then everything would gleam.

  2. I love that lamp in the first board. I can't get it out of my mind! Where is it from?

  3. I thought I would let you know that I used your Robert Allen fabric, Meadowview/Aqua for drapes in my living room. My walls are painted in BM Quiet Moments #1563.
    They looks so nice together that I had to pass along the tip.

  4. i love it all!!
    that table from the first board is KILLING me. it's gorgeous.
    you will have to give me the skinny on it when i stop by this week...i have a little one home with the flu, so it may be a few days.