Happy Weekend

This week has been all about finishing projects.  One of those projects was breathing some life into those  lamps I brought home from work recently I mentioned in an earlier post.  I can't turn my nose up at broken shipment items when I know there is potential lurking about, even if they aren't quite my style.

Total price for a new shade, a harp to place it on, and a can of happy yellow spray paint - $16
{The one like it here on the floor retails at over $150.} 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Is this a pic of your bed? If so, we have the same bedspread. Excellent taste, I must say!

  2. i love it!! bright yellow... i have a new thing for it too!! love it!! my kids have been quoting dispicable me all day.... except its not a good part!! funny tho!!

  3. How did you do all that for only $16?! A can of spray paint costs around $5. Where did you get a harp and a shade for $11? Is that why you did not show us the shade in your photo? Hmmmm!

  4. that's awesome! way to turn something old into something pretty and new... and for only $16!