inspired by: Hillary Thomas

 I read about Hillary Thomas in the latest Lonny issue and I though the project that was featured in the magazine was beautiful and I studied each image taking in how she made blending styles and objects look effortless; more than anything, I loved what Hillary said about design.  She is a believer in 'wabi sabi' a Japanese term for finding beauty in the imperfect.  

I feel the same way about design.  Maybe because I've been a roaming renter for years and have learned to make do with what I have without being able to make major changes?  Or maybe because I feel like design should enhance life and be a reflection of us {and we aren't perfect so how could design be?}...whatever it is, when I read that, I couldn't agree more.  
And as if she wasn't already impressing me, she had me when she said, "Have pets.  A house full of critters is joyous."  Heck yes Hillary Thomas.  Thank you for inspiring me!!
{images from her site, visit here}


  1. What beautiful inspiration. I love that chair in the top right picture.

  2. I like the idea of not having everything "matchy matchy". It makes decorating easier I think.

  3. I like the concept of a 'house full of critters', but I prefer making my own critters and watching them grow up and then bring home a lot of grandcritters to play with. Rollicking good fun.