wednesdays are the best

You know what is a really good time?  
hurricane force tail winds + trails + dog + running as fast as I can = closest thing to flying I've experienced.
When we left for the BST {Bonneville Shoreline Trail} the wind was howling and the storm was still way down south, but heading our way fast.  A quick loop around the trails to wear the dog out and then back inside to enjoy the storm from somewhere dry. 
The last bit was into the wind and I was at a full on run into the wind but barely moving faster than a walk.  Rain drops barely started falling as we made it back to the car.  Driving home we saw two giant old trees ripped out of the ground by their roots.
And now there is at least 5 - 6 inches of snow on the ground. Funny that this morning I was out in the yard in a tee shirt thinking about raking the flower beds.  Spring weather is craazy.


  1. That is exactly why Spring time weather is so interesting....wild and extreme opposites. I love the sight of tulips filled with snow. They make a great treat for the roaming deer.

  2. When I left school yesterday it was 61° and by the evening we had 6 inches of snow!! WHAT??

  3. I'm telling you, Utah is an alien planet, where normal meteorological rules don't apply.

  4. no joke Cara. The whole 'wait five minutes if you don't like the weather' is very applicable.