My friend worked for Green Valley Spa a few years back and we took every advantage possible of the fantastic hook up.  Free yoga, breakfast by the pool, a gym to ourselves, almost free spa treatments...you name it, we did it.  Not to mention the hiking around there is high on my list of favorite places to lose myself for a few hours.  {Sometimes I wonder why I ever left St. George.}

My idea of the perfect spa retreat smells like lavender, mint, and good for your skin oils.  It comes with hot herbal tea and towels straight out of that little cooker thing they keep them in.  My muscles are stress free and limber and my pores are small and happy {yes, pores can be happy}.

Is it so wrong that I want to recreate this feeling at home?  True, I could up my dose of yoga, even if it isn't lead by a professional.  And who's stopping me from throwing my towels in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up?  Um...reality is stopping me.  But a girl can dream right?
I've made a step in the right direction in my bathroom painting over the circa 1970's laminate {it's a rental, I'm not going to go to the pains of ripping it out} so now I have a clean white slate to start with.

Soft towels, pretty wood floor underfoot, shelves stocked with yummy lotions and other goodies... I'm almost faking a good spa day, almost, but not just yet.

After a few more improvements I'll include some pictures of the effort.  Renting is saving me a lot of money in this place because it were mine?  I'd be a renovating junkie.


  1. My bathroom could use a spa make-over for sure. It's still unpainted - but on my list for this year!

  2. I wish you were still in St George too! Are you planning on it anytime soon? What are your parents doing with their house?

  3. Every photo is yummy gorgeous except for the really life-like turtle in the corner of the tub. Hate to have him join me in the water. Kind of takes away from the lavendar effect, don't you think?

  4. goodness never noticed the turtle till Vicki mentioned it, we used to have two of them they would eat our dandelions in the summer.