ski cabin

I know this is nuts but I have been loving this frigid cold weather.  I never thought I'd say that. {Ever. I'm a desert rat to the bone} and really, I wouldn't be sad if I woke up to spring tomorrow, but as seasons go I'm not struggling through the blah winter blues just yet.  Maybe the skiing and hiking and all kinds of winter things have kept it fun enough for me not to care too much? 
And cabins come with winter fun right?  Well, they should.  I've stayed in some sweet cabins over the years.  My favorites being the kind that are actually cabins, not giant mansions with a cabin theme.  The most outrageous 'cabin' I've stayed in was in Park City on the Canyons Ski Resort.  It could have eaten 10 normal cabins for breakfast.  Maybe the proper term for it would be chalet?  Equipped with a 'ski in' prep room it took the cake for pampered treatment.  A heated room with a snow floor allowing skiers to come in and out without having to put their gear on while standing outside in the cold.  It was rad, even if it was a bit much.

So I know I should remember where I first heard of the Seattle based firm Olson Kundig Architects but I can't.  I frequent their site often to check in on the latest. They came to mind today as I was thinking about cabins and snow fun because of a couple of their projects I've noticed in the past.  Check em out, it's always fun to dream.
As for my winter fun? I'm off to Alta's free ski this afternoon.  The life of a cheap ski bunny.


  1. I've only been skiing once in my life, and never in Utah. But the ski-in room sounds awesome!

  2. Enjoy all that white fluffy stuff but don't break a leg.

  3. i always learn so much on your blog! alta has free ski days?! who knew? i checked it out and we are headed up there next week! (still learning our way around utah) maybe we'll see you there!!

  4. These are amazing places! Think I would like them more when the weather was a little warmer.

  5. Oh I have never liked skiing...I am to unstable :) Hey are you going to Alt Design Summit this month?