more bedding, really, I'm still at it

 and the bedding continues.  When I say I'm obsessed, I don't mean this is the only thing I'm thinking about, but it is for sure one of the last things I think about at night.  My idea board above features the shams I've ordered from Urban Outfitters, the duvet cover that is all but ordered from West Elm and the two options for sheets.  The first from West Elm {the Ikat print} or the lower image from Target.  Right now I have those super awesome gray jersey sheets from Target, but options are always good.
I'm a little embarrassed to post these pics here of what is going on right now but I had requests so I thought I'd just do it.  I tucked the crazy orange duvet cover away after I took this picture.  And the floral print was just an idea that quickly got thrown out.  If there ever was a before picture to hold on to for posterity, this is it. {Cat doing her CatRock thing included as a moody bonus.}  

The bolster pillow I had made by Lee really is that big.  I knew it'd be huge, but really, it's HUGE!  I've already put it to good use so can't say I'd change it.

 My bedside table will also be receiving some attention.  The lamp is a 'broken shipment', a perk to my job.  It is broken somewhere {I honestly can't remember where anymore}so it came home with me a couple weeks ago instead of going to the dumpster per instructions from the manufacturer {can't say I'm sorry that I disobeyed.}  Instead, the shade might get a little something extra like the above from Anthro or I might replace it with a simple white one and the base is about to go funky with some fun color that I have yet to decide on. 
And my favorite wall in my room lately will be getting some updates too.  Going to add some non framed items to liven it up a bit.


  1. You really are quite something, Jenna.

  2. Now that posting was a lovely visit to your home...it was about time. Your new gray sheets will be awesome with your diptech and the catrock will complete the look. You are a genius.

  3. i LOVE this mix of teh bedding. i have been so happy with the new bedding from west elm...i love the subtle patterns. so pretty.

  4. Great post. I love the colorful lampshades. Thanks for sharing.