a dose of courage

Do you ever feel like you can hear the same thing multiple times then all at once you really hear it, and it feels like the first time?

As I sat in a classroom full or my peers today listening to the description of courage and how it is necessary to truly connect I started making connections of my own.  I'm not going to even look up the true meaning of courage because what it means to me matters more right now than what Webster has to say.

Fact:  the word courage has root in the latin word cor, meaning heart.

Courage to me then is allowing myself to put my whole heart into something even with plenty of fear present because being vulnerable is part of the deal.  Powering through it is the part to achieve.

Why the post on courage?  Because as of late I've been living with one foot in and one foot out and I think it is a dose of courage that is needed.

Image borrowed from this site, the Euro version of Etsy.


  1. And when will I know what it is you have had one foot out of and one foot in of?

  2. Courage is one of the essential traits that the Lord needs and wants us to have. It is definitely a worthy subject on which to mull.

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    P.S. I LOVE this sign. It is perfect!