project: naturally inspired wingback

Setting the mood: natural fabrics, light, comfortable and not at all formal.

The focal point in the room: a commissioned painting of Cache Valley {not pictured}

The bump in the road: a few months ago we had this chair ready to go to production to be upholstered in a cream tone on tone, not too fancy, just perfect natural pattern when the worst thing that could happen happened: discontinued!

A month to regroup after trying unsuccessfully to find a substitute.. {hard to do when your trying to out do perfection.}

...then today, with a completely new approach to the chair we found almost immediately the perfect solution to creating the naturally inspired look she is after in this room.
She doesn't need more furniture, the chair will be the finishing touch to this room, but I've included a few things I love from the new Melange line offered by hooker furniture since I've been up to my eyebrows in orders for these fabulous new products. 

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  1. I love Hooker. Our whole bedroom is Hooker furniture. That tone-on-tone is so soothing and looks so Swedish.