last day blues

 there is a reason why I usually prefer to take pictures of things more than people when I'm out n about.  I don't like to intrude or make people feel like they are on the spot.  And then there is the biggest reason, I'd rather not draw attention to my tourist status.  I know I don't exactly blend in, but I don't have to wear a neon sign either. These guys sitting around the table enjoying the cool evening air seemed like the right group of people to try out a new in your face style.  I pointed the camera at them and they instantly warmed to the idea of having their photo taken.  Hmm, maybe I've been a sissy for no reason? Then this guy comes running out of the store grinning a Soju soaked grin and gave me a big bear hug, planted a big wet sloppy kiss on my neck and started dragging me back to the table to join them for another round.  No thank you, kind Ajashi.  Until this point my mom was standing nearby watching the scene unfold with an 'oh dear, she does the crazziest things look on her face."  I pointed her and said we were happy to continue walking but he grabbed her hands smiling wide inviting her along too.  We left very soon after laughing at the situation although I took a very soapy shower when I got home.  I think I'll go back to my stealthy ways of picture taking.  Less human contact the better.
 Today was my last day and we decided it would be best spent on the Harley.  Eight hours later and I feel like I jammed in just about as much as I possibly could in one vacation.
 Ben wanted me to pose like a mummy in front of the tomb.  Koreans are the best at throwing out poses for pictures.  The people that went before us looked like a blend of Vana White and Hello Kitty and always throwing the very necessary 'peace' sign.
 have you ever noticed how much Koreans like to do 'Peace' in pictures?  This is Ben's hybrid version which also doubles for documenting how many mounds {tombs} there are in the picture as well.  I'm wondering what he would have done at the next stop where there were 20+ mounds...
 live eels flipping around in that silver dish there.  Makes me hungry for some sushi how about you?

Thank you for indulging me and my travel log.  Honestly can't even think design right now I'm so in vacation mode.  Back to work later this week.


  1. It was a lovely travelogue. Now have a safe flight home.

  2. Why did you visit Korea? We lived there with the US Air Force for 2 years and my 3rd child was born there. You're photos brought back many memories. What food did your enjoy the most?

  3. I hope you'll be making a trip down south soon! We'd love to see you!!

  4. my brother is stationed here in Daegu {ARMY}. Korea has been a part of my life for the last 16 years and look forward to the next trip whenever it may be. I love the food. Bibimpop has been my favorite this trip and had some of the best hoak duk ever. My sister in law is Korean so I get spoiled with lots of yummy stuff.

    aaauh, I'm waiting for my ride to the airport willing myself not to cry. I already miss it.

  5. beautiful photos. beautiful country. thanks for sharing. loved it!