East Coast Trip

We left a rainy Taegu last week and headed for the beach.  
 Dillon and I explored the neighborhood around our hotel.
Day 2 - We traveled along the coast and picked a new place to stay.  {Neither hotel is pictured here though Kwona says this home was probably built right after the Korean War.}
Day 3 - Ben really {really} wanted to go scuba diving but it was too windy.  So what better thing to do on a windy day?  Wind surf of course.  

The guy in the blue had a shop on the beach and when Ben asked how much it would be to rent some gear he let us try out it for free.  And not just for a little bit.  He spent a few hours with us having a great time.  Along with the gear and laughing encouragement, he was a very good teacher.  He spoke very little English and my even smaller amount of useful Korean created the best possible teaching environment.  Something about not being able to communicate makes me concentrate more.  I'd love to take this sport up; a great work out and something to make me look forward to a windy day.


  1. Ooh, I want to try that. I can't believe how grown up Seaira is looking.

  2. You have certainly become the sophisticated jet-stter. Speak some Korean for me sometime. I promise to be impressed.