charmed life

Dear Cat, I didn't tell you this but you came close to moving again.  Lucky for you, your kitty cat charm worked on me and you can stay.  You and I have a lot in common; we're laid back, outdoor loving girls and we both love a good neck rub pretty much any time we can get one.  Only I don't headbutt people when I don't get my way and I definitely don't wander around the house squeaking when I'm hungry or bored.

Thanks for watching the house, wrangling the grasshoppers, intimidating the other cats in the neighborhood, and giving that mouse in the garden the scare of its life.  Now if you could cook I think we'd have things just about perfect. 

your human,


  1. All right Jenna, let's add to your talents of fine arts the ability to express yourself in writing in such a way as to extend fantasy thinking to EVERYTHING.....animals, insects, trees, desert sand, etc. You open like a beautitul flower and continue to wow us.

    Oh, and lucky kitty, too.

  2. The way you write about the cat almost makes me want one...OK not really. But she sounds like a good buddy for you.

  3. I could swear that cat looks just like KC!!