loving lately: changing seasons

once again my favorite time of year.  The end of summer when anticipation of fall is at the peak but it is still warm enough to spend as much time outside as possible.
on my loving lately list: if only I could keep a wreath out of succulents alive!  I couldn't keep them alive in a pot so my guess a wreath would be out of the question.  Go here if you want to learn how to make one.
This necklace made by Natraj found on Etsy.  Love the colors.
And the boots.  Oh my goodness, the boots.  Heaven help me, I would like a pair in every color.
What is it about changing season that gets me in the mood to load up on sweaters and boots?!

practicing this...

to go here in a few weeks.
My Korean is patchy and terrible but I love the language and I love Rosetta Stone for making a game out of learning it.  Now if only 'Jumping boy' and 'Running elephant' came up in conversation more.  I'd be all over it.

My brother and his wife switch to 'Hangul Secure' mid conversation sometimes and I'd love it if one day I could jump in and say 'I'm onto you guys, I understand you!' the way I did carpooling to school when Jeff {the cute older boy} was smugly speaking his secret language but wouldn't teach me.  Then, all of a sudden I could understand him and I told him so in his secret language!!  That shocked us both!  If only that could happen now.


  1. Those boots would be so fantastic on your ten full feet of gorgeous legs. Long, tall, and gorgeous, that's you. Buy them, Get them, Strut around in them. I dare you.

  2. I didn't think those boots were real because they look too long to fit normal legs! The necklace looks cool, and the succulent wreath is awesome! But wouldn't work too well here in the woods. It's all about grapevine and berry wreaths here.

  3. Those boots are TOTALLY you!