art: just a little thought

This week has been busy gearing up for the big Labor Day Weekend. In my little corner of the world Labor Day equates to lots and lots of work because at Noble House we have our biggest sale of the year.

So while I've been buzzing around I've been thinking a lot about art. These two images have been floating around in my 'love it' file so I thought I'd share.

I really love art that tells a story. The Sargent is a classic and takes me back to my early years of wearing a uniform to school. The more contemporary one is something I love because of the muted colors and the visual drama of the situation.


  1. The modern day picture says it all. Communication gap, self-absorbed, High-end earners. Loneliness.

    I like the Sargeant painting better. It's warmer. Now it would be fun to see how you would use either one of them in a design setting. That's the thrill.

  2. What, can I post a comment? Are you kidding me?!?! Anyway---love that first painting, too. I remember your gorgeous plaid uniform...

  3. yay! i can comment now--(not sure what the technical difficulty was..no doubt something on my end). i love the Sargent--reminds me of dutch painters, which i have a passion for.