storm chasing {or evading}

a good friend {lets call him LT}and I hiked up the mountain behind our neighborhood last night just asking to get soaked by the storms swirling around the valley. No such luck, but we did have a fantastic view of the city at dusk from the top and the Tibetan prayer flags were beautiful fluttering in the wind.

The hike was especially pretty to me with all the muted colors saturated by the storm so that there was more color at dusk than seemed natural. The wind was really whipping the tall, dry grass creating golden waves.  It had a softening effect so that only bits of the landscape would be in focus at any one time. I really enjoyed all the blurriness the wind was creating. {This coming from the girl who likes to run fast on trails for the same blurring effect. Why have I never broken an ankle?}


  1. I love that you are blogging so frequently lately. It is wonderful getting to peep into your fun-filled life on a regular basis. I feel almost like a part of it.

  2. Wow I cannot believe you ventured into that! Looks like god's wrath up on that mountain top! Haha
    Great photos!

  3. these are all great shots love the storm coming in

  4. love these colors jenna! can i come with you sometime on one of these trips where you find such amazing landscapes?!