project: country club

I spent the morning with my client placing accessories and hanging a red clock above the nook that really finished the whole space off perfectly.  Why I didn't take pictures this morning is beyond me!
While it is always fun to see a room come together, I'd like to draw this one out a bit since I have enjoyed spending time with this client in her gorgeous new kitchen.
Lucky for me, I'm still working on a few details like having a table runner made out the fabric below from  Duralee for her gigantic dining room table.  The runner will be 16' long just to give you an idea of just how big I'm talking.

This project started downstairs with window treatments for this window, measuring in at 15' long.
She didn't want anything that hung too low, just a little something at the top to bring more color to take the edge off the big window.  The picture below really doesn't show off the pretty fabric or the great pleated detail in the valance, but it does show off the coffered ceiling and fun rug.
The valance is made from the bottom two fabrics on the left, with the paisley as the main fabric and the stripe in the pleats. The custom window seat cushions we had made is out of the two fabrics on the right.  All four are by Fabricut.


  1. I absolutely adore coffered ceilings. Any amount of complexities or quite simple doesn't matter, as long as there is wonderful architectural interest on the ceiling. Your client has a beautiful room, thanks to her designer and her architect.

    AS a followup, did you ever decide which fabric you were going to put on the cushion for another client's mudroom....the diagonal or the quirky stripe? (per earlier blog posting)

  2. I like the red poppy painting. Such a beautiful color.

  3. Vicky, she does have a beautiful room!

    No decision yet on the fabric, she is on vacation so we're on hold. Hopefully she is dreaming about it and will have a decision when she gets home.

    I love the poppy painting too, it smells like oil paints which adds to the appeal for me. I like originals.