I've been making a real effort to cook more.  As a result, I'm finding I lack the gadgets to pull off some of the recipes I'd like to try.

I need a zester.

Do you?
I'll give you one.
To qualify, sign up to follow designsparrow and leave a comment telling me how you would use your new Zester. {You can pick the color handle: red, yellow, pink or black}
Double your chance to win by blogging about this giveaway by leaving me a link to your site.

I will announce a winner Tuesday, July 21st.


  1. I'm not the best in the kitchen, either. I use a regular mini-cheese grater whenever I need to zest. Lame, I know. If I was lucky enough to win your zester I think I would choose red. And you know my blog, but just in case - www.cara-raisingmen.blogspot.com

  2. I bet you can guess what color I'd choose ;) I make a really yummy/healthy orange chicken it would be perfect for!

  3. Saw the blurb about a citrus zester on Cara's blog so thought I would come check it out. As you know I don't write a blog....I just feed off of everyone else's blog and yours is one of my faves.

  4. Count me in on that contest!!

  5. Man.....I just blogged about how I would use that Zester! I thought that was what you wanted me us to do so check out my answer!

  6. Zesters are the best. I swear a little lime zest tastes good on everything!

  7. That zester sounds so fun. Even though I already was a follower, I have made it official! Also, if I had that zester, I think that I would be so happy that I might start rhyming everything that I say and life would change as I know it.

    Just thinking about it makes me think about all the words that rhyme with zester....

    "Oh the fun I'd have cooking and rhyming with my new zester.
    I'd laugh and sing while, wearing polyester
    and zesting everything in sight with that blue zesting zester.
    I show everyone I know, north, south, east, and west...'er
    including Ester, (who by the way is in her third trimester).
    And what about Sylvester from that one semester,
    And that stupid MLM investor who really is a pester.
    ...okay, him I might sequester, but everyone else
    would call me the Ultimate Zester Jester!"

    Yes, life would indeed be fun with a new zester!