from now on

I should care if the wind blows East or West
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can't be true
I should smile, that's exactly what I'll do."  
Irving Berlin

A little card I doodled today.  I had the lyrics from "Blue Skies" in my head as I worked and thought the second verse was perfect to include on the inside. 


  1. All I think about when I hear that song is Commander Data from the movie Star Trek Nemesis. He sings it in the opening scene. Love your doodle, btw.

  2. Serge will love your graphic. It looks just like him.

  3. I forgot about that Cara, great movie! I played soccer with some guys the other night and a cute one had no idea who Jean Luke was. He lost some points with that one. :)