Instead of design today, how about some cooling images I found lingering around my desktop today?  They might not make you feel cooler, but with them comes the memory of the blustery gray day I took them so I can breathe in a bit of spring on this muggy summer afternoon.  I'd wish for another beautiful storm like the ones we've had the last few nights but I'm planning on going to the Capital for a movie under the stars so maybe I'll hold that wish until after I walk home.  {Or maybe for the walk home?}  Nice.


  1. That first photo looks like you snapped it here in our yard. Oxygen infusing plants for the ponds and the gold fishies making everyone feel refreshed. Hope that your evening under the stars will be magical and your walk home safe.

  2. So was the movie-watching good? Was it a Young Adult activity or is it part of the protesting?

  3. neither Frybaby, just a good old classic: Goonies! I never did love that movie, but it was fun to listen to it looking up at the stars and the unexpected ride home from RC1 was fun too. :)