here's to standing out

So there I was running straight up 'H' Street the other week when this home stopped me dead in my tracks. I just stood there on the side walk panting and looking suspicious while contemplating worst case scenarios after being caught trespassing.

Wouldn't they understand my motivation to disregard the posted signs and snoop around their construction site? Strictly admiration, nothing malicious. What has happened to my adventurous streak? I wouldn't have thought twice about if before.

The new {and I suppose, mature} plan: take them a welcome to the neighborhood gift and that will naturally lead to a tour right? That might be the more polite solution to my urge to help myself to what I consider to be the very best house on the block, even neighborhood, for its lack of concern to blend in with every other Bungalow or Victorian on the block. Not to mention the fantastic juxtaposition of natural materials. The pine, the rusty metal, the gray tile and stacked stone add heaps of natural appeal.

This might be love. Yes, I think I'm in love.


  1. However, looking at your photo I think a little landscaping might be in order. Bet they have a nice view of the valley though.

  2. You crack me up! Snoop Dog and her little digital camera. What would you say if they caught you? "Sorry, just checking out the juxtaposition of natural and synthetic materials!"

  3. Really, love? Yeah, I like it, but love? Thats a big word. Yes, do take them cookies, and take your camera!!!!!