final watercolor class

Six weeks of water color class and I think I'll continue my quest to conquer the medium even though for the most part I have felt discouraged by it. I didn't love any of the studies we did so I was more into figuring out how to pull off the techniques than producing any significant work of art. The trick now will be to keep up with it on my own.

I had more fun after the class walking around the garden seeing the huge difference in the place from six weeks ago when I began spending my Wednesday evenings in the garden. Hardly anything was in bloom then and now there is an overwhelming amount of pretty things to enjoy.

I can never get enough details. Especially when they come with intoxicating fragrance.


  1. Touch, smell, sight...how to get it all onto canvas, especially in smooth watercolor. That's a big one. Do you know that you can feel texture through sight? Of course you do. Now, put it on paper and the whole garden lives forever no matter the season.

  2. If you can't get the hang of watercolor at least you know you are an AMAZING photographer.

  3. Love the blue vase painting!!! It does not matter what kind of medium you are using.....you ALWAYS create masterpieces!!

  4. Check out blogdelanine@blogspot.com
    She is a professional watercolor artist who lives in Mexico and her stuff is really great.

  5. I do check in with her from time to time Cara, I agree, she is totally talented. Grandma and I were talking about painting flowers and we came to the conclusion that no matter how beautiful the painting it will never be as lovely as the original so why bother? :)