move it or lose it

This afternoon I spent a couple hours with a client organizing her book shelves to get ready for the painters to come. I have a thing for organizing. I think of it as a past time. {well, almost} I know not everyone feels the same. I asked my client today as we made the giant mess that comes before clarity if this was fun for her, or flat out torture. She said it was fine, but maybe a little frustrating because where does she put it all now that we know where it doesn't go.

It can be frustrating, but I know that systems work if they are well built.

Some rules I live by to make life easier:

#1- Minimize on stuff. Ask yourself do you really, really need it? If you don't, lose it. I'm sure someone else can put it to good use. I love that feeling that comes with dropping off a big bag of donations. Lighter. Unburdened. Simplicity at its finest.
#2 - Keep things current. Before you add to that stack of 'important papers' set up a filing system that is easily accessible so your pile doesn't seem too daunting to take on when you finally feel like tackling it. Making things easy on yourself will lead to a good system that will work.
#3 - Out of sight of of mind? Keep everything in a way that you can find it easily. Whether it be in drawers, fridge or jewelry boxes. This simple plan cuts down on frustration and buying duplicates of things you can't find or forgot you had in the first place.
#4 - Make it fun. Who says organizing has to be dull? Add a little unexpected character and whimsy to brighten your day.
#5 - Be creative. If you can't find the solution in the 'organizing isle' at whatever store you go to for organizing things, come up with your own solution. I like glass jars for pretty things that can add to the design of a room.


  1. Having read all that, can you come to my house and do it for me? Actually it is my husband who needs the help and I don't dare go into his domain.

  2. We are having a RS activity on home organization in June. I just may share your tips with the ladies. Thanks Jenz!