spring in the mountains

I might be the only one who enjoys snow in April {almost May!} but I think it is lovely on the fresh spring green. Dear snow - just don't kill the peaches please.
I was out running errands this morning for various projects I'm working on and drove through every kind of weather possible as I went from SLC to Farmington {maybe 30 miles} rounding up this and that for clients. I like shopping for other people more than shopping for myself. Have I found the right profession?
This house on my street is great to watch throughout the year. Great holiday decor, but it really shines when the garden is in bloom. So much so that I drove by it checking it out as usual then turned around today to share a picture with you. I don't know the people who live here, but I love what they do with their place. Little lights hang in the awnings year round. Bursting with curb appeal if you ask me.

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  1. The Cottage look. Very appealing. You expect to see Snow White peeking out one of the windows any moment.